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My sister-in-law, Donna, is having surgery on her heel on Monday 11-27 and will be off that foot for quite a while.


My brother was struck by a car while walking home last week. Praise God no internal bleeding or broken bones were detected. He has severe bruising of his ribs and is having returning pain. He has not been able to return to work yet. Please pray for relief from pain, complete healing, and freedom from any emotional trauma from the incident.


Pray for my brother David Clapper whose wife Tera just died suddenly. Also pray for Tera's Mom Patricia and our family as we deal with this loss.


I battle chronic pain. I am going through a particularly rough season of physical pain at this very moment, and it feels hard to get through each day. Please pray for miraculous relief and the ability to feel God's presence as I endure it.


18 yr old Broten, recent diagnosis of lymphoma. Family nonbelievers. My good friend Kathy, shared Christ over the yrs, Pls prayer- salvation, Ps 41:3, & His will. Thank you