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I have started the process of writing the first of two children's books for Ethiopian children. Both books will be Bible stories. I and Partners With Ethiopia are working on this in partnership with another organization that has created over 100 unique book titles for Ethiopian children. A handful of the books have a Christian theme. The rest are fictional books or science related. I and Partners With Ethiopia was to see more Bible stories created. Please pray for wisdom as I work on this new book, for God's guidance through the whole process. I am so excited about this project!


My TMJ headaches have returned after more than one year of remission; these headaches are linked to my diagnosis of PTSD after being in an abusive marriage for 21 years. I ask for prayer that the Lord will help me be able to pay for the therapy I need (not covered by my insurance) and that the therapy will help reduce the pain I am suffering. He did it before; He is able to do it again.


PRAISE REPORT FROM KRISTINE GREEN REGARDING MY NEPHEW, ROBERT! ROBERT AND HIS SISTER, VICKY, EXPRESS THEIR THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS! I THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS! GOD IS FAITHFUL! SCAN: no recurrence of cancer on scan; enlarged/suspicious lymph nodes shrank and doctor no longer concerned; spot on liver remains small and hasn't grown-likely not cancerous; Robert graduated from having scans every three months to six months


Please pray for Mim, my sister's daughter-in-law. Mim is 62 years old. She was diagnosed in October 2020 with her third time with breast cancer. First time was about 2005. This time the cancer has spread to the bones and liver. Mim is a believer who reads the bible. Pray for God to heal the cancer and give her comfort during treatment.


Please pray for my son-in-law Bo....he has been looking for a job since his Covid lay off in June. It is very needed! Thanks so much for your prayers. Deb