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Anita O.: Please pray for complete healing for our daughter as she recovers from complications of surgery.


Thank you in advance for continued prayers for Del; and know we feel them every day. The brain scan is rescheduled for Thursday, he was too weak from last Thursday's chemo treatment and meds. I am getting palliative care help next week so Stacey Jo can go back to MN for her appointments and Andrew goes back to work; Jay and Jamie were here in March. Children and their supportive spouses are truly our blessing in our journey!


Deb Hoag: I am so grateful to be part of this Cross of Glory family! Thank you for praying for my niece's friend over the death of her son. The case remains under investigation, but my niece has gone down to help take care of details and they are coping well.


Praise God, my friend and ministry partner in Ethiopia, Meheretab, is doing much better than last Friday. He was diagnosed with COVID. The goal was to get him to the private hospital to receive higher level care than the government hospital could provide. We did a Go Fund Me last Friday and in 7 hours raised over $5,000. The private hospitals in Ethiopia require a large down payment. We had enough of the funding to Ethiopia by Saturday to make that down payment but unfortunately, the private hospitals were all full. He was put on a waiting list and was told there were 25 people ahead of him. Due to the sudden increase in COVID that Ethiopia has experienced this past month, the government opened a COVID center this week. It is a large warehouse space that they converted into a temporary hospital for only COVID patients. He was moved there a few nights ago. As of today, he is completely off oxygen and feeling better. Although, very weak and tired from the 3 weeks of being sick. He started feeling sick around March 12. He said today they drew blood and were running several tests. They are encouraging him to get up and walk around for 3-5 minutes but then lots of resting and fluids. He is on some medication but a few days back they did determine he did not have any pneumonia and that the lung issues were strictly from COVID. No pneumonia was good news. At this point it appears that he will have some medical expenses but not to the level we thought since the private hospitals were full. Once he is recovered and back home, I will talk with him about the funding and how best it can be used to help his ministry called I Care Ethiopia. When I set up the Go Fund Me I stated that any donations not used for his medical care would be donated to I Care Ethiopia ministry. Thank you so much for all the prayers. God has answered them! I am so thankful he is getting better. It was a scary few days.


Please pray for healing of vertigo which began 2/17/21. I am learning that as an older person, this condition can be ongoing. It is difficult to get around; fortunately I can still drive. I go for my next PT appointment this week.