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Jack Strickland: They were going with some friends on their annual vacation together. June and Dave in their motorhome and their friends pulling their 5th wheel trailer. As they were going across Nebraska the air shocks went out on our kids motorhome. Tried having it fixed in NE, but the only place that had the parts needed was in Denver. They limped into Denver and got it fixed and continued on to their destination in Southern UT. In a very remote area they heard a popping noise and when they pulled over they found flames coming out of the rear end motor. Dave tried to extinguish the flames, but the small canister fire extinguisher wasn’t enough. They tried calling for help, but there was no phone service. Their friends drove until they picked up phone service and called for help. By the time the fire truck finally arrived their motorhome and towing car were completely burned up and sitting on their metal rims. The kids are now on their way back to MN. with their friends. We praise the Lord for their safety and that their trip home will go well.


My mother-in-law is very sick and in the hospital in Mexico. She has heart problems complicated by diabetes. Due to a kidney infection and severe dehydration some of the medication has worked as poison because her body can’t process the meds. The doctors are not sure she is going to survive. Chuy has left today (10/8/20) and will arrive tomorrow (10/9/20) to see her.


Please pray for God's favor. Our friends' young daughter, Sarah, is at home as her heart is failing. She expected to go HOME to the LORD soon.


I am giving an up date of what is happening with Joes stuff. Everything is in and we are just waiting on the va to make there decision. So just keep praying that he will get his 100 percent and I will keep you posted on what is going on. Thank you


Update on friend Betsy: We shed tears of joy and praise last night; surgery went well. There is still a long road ahead. Thank you for prayers. Update from her husband. “The entire surgical team did a tremendous job today! I was able to speak with both the lead surgeon and resident. The tumor was fully removed to the skull base. All her nerve function is intact. She can hear, smile, talk, see, move her eyes, move her arms, toes, and even swallow. There is some tumor remaining, but it is outside the base of the skull. Not reachable from their access point. We hope to talk with the surgeon and neurology more tomorrow. To my understanding that area will be treated with Cyberknife – photon beam / highly accurate radiation therapy. The remaining location is very close to the jugular vein.” Thank you for your prayers!