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Friends of Molly Wilde, named Tyler & Abby, were in town for a wedding and Tyler was shot while accompanying someone to her car and is in critical condition. Please pray for his complete healing.


Please pray for the family of Nancy Obermeyer (used to be a member years ago). she passed away suddenly on June 15th. Her memorial service is Friday, June 24th at 11am at Grace Church in Eden Praire. It is very sad that she has left her family here including a husband, 3 sons and 3 daughter in laws and 3 grandchildren. Loved her! She taught me so many things of over the years. She loved the Lord with all her heart!


Kitty's future daughter-in-law's father has liver cancer. The doctors have said there is nothing more they can do. Please pray for healing and for his salvations.


Please ask our Father in heaven to give patience to Ruby, Marge and Joan as they walk with their spouses and Jesus through the valley of the shadow of death.


I wanted to give an update on our partner in Ethiopia. Meheretab was able to find a Christian family to adopt both children. However, it’s a complicated process. When the mother needed to go to the hospital she left her children with a neighbor. Now the neighbor is keeping the kids and not allowing Meheretab or his staff to see them. He has the support of the local government officials and the local school where the children attend. Please pray for protection for the children while they are with the neighbor. Apparently, the neighbor was telling the children awful things that weren’t true. He’s concerned for the children’s mental health. It’s clearly a spiritual battle. Please pray the children are taken away from the neighbor soon. Unfortunately, they have to go to an orphanage before they can be adopted. During that time the paperwork will be processed. Praying that everything goes quickly. Pray for their little hearts and minds.