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I am having neck surgery on Friday the 29th to repair issues from a surgery in February. My surgeon discovered at my chcek up last week that the fusion from February has collapsed and fractured a vertebra and screws from the hardware is against my spinal column. Surgeon is concerned that the screws could pierce through and injure my spinal chord. Please pray for my surgeon, my husband who is anxious, and for me. God is good and I know he hears our prayers!


Please pray for Michelle Mena. She is very sick and was taken to the hospital today by ambulance. Please pray for her husband, Abraham and her two boys, Daniel & Lalito.


Please pray that our son David will start to talk with his twin sister Julie on their 40th birthday, the 28th. It has been several years. Thank you


Gaby H:  Please pray for Daniel. He was diagnosed with COVID19 last week. He is feeling worse today.


Pray that Joe will be able to get his 100 percent disability from the service army so he can retire and not have to go back to working at the Va hospital because of his age and health conditions thank you

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