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Prayer for major GI surgery, //Diaphragmatic Hernia. Surgery will be July 20th. I have my home church in WI praying, but want to know that my new church home is aware of my difficulty, and in prayer for God's will to be done. Also, my husband Robert has Parkinsons and is upset that he can't do the things he used to, especially communicate with family and others.


Jack Strickland: Jack has been in the hospital since Thurs. May 20 because he began having seizures. Please pray for the medical staff as they work to diagnose the cause and come up with a treatment plan for him, and pray for Jack as he eagerly desires to go home.


Please pray for my grandson, Blair, as he has surgery for his tongue-tied condition next week. It has affected his speech and ability to eat.


Ken Kallman: Ken is back in the ER with a racing heart. He will be having an ablation procedure done at 12:30 pm today (Tues. May 25). Please pray that the procedure will be effective and for calm for both Ken and Jeri.


Ken Kallman: Ken was in for dialysis on Friday when his heart started racing. He is currently in the hospital under the care of a cardiologist. Please pray for the medical team as they treat Ken's condition and that Ken's heart rate would normalize. Please also pray for the Holy Spirit's calming presence and rest for both Ken and Jeri.