women's ministry

Our desire is to provide opportunities for women of all ages and walks of life to become followers of Christ by encouraging growth, authentic love for each other and a heart for service!

A life where . . .

The Bible becomes our favorite book, and studying it becomes our greatest desire.

Praying to our Father is more natural than a conversation with a friend.

Authentic friendships with each other are motivated by God's love for us.

Serving with a heart of compassion and sharing our faith is a joyful act of obedience.

Women's spring bible study

Monday nights May 10, 17 and 24 6:45-8:15pm

Tuesday mornings May 11, 18 and 25 at 9:30-11:00 am

Sweet Life Women’s Ministry invites you to join us for one, two or all three standalone late spring Bible study sessions (via Zoom). Join us as we virtually explore ancient cities and share what it takes to become and make disciples.

Cost: Free

Zoom link and optional pre-work sent upon responding to email

We will be studying three sessions from Ray Vander Laan’s Faith Lesson studies on becoming and making disciples. Each session we will watch a short DVD lesson filmed on location in the ancient cities of Priene and Aphrodisias. Ray Vander Laan brings God’s Word to life through historical, cultural, religious, and geographical context to provide unique insights into the Scriptures’ significance for modern believers. We will then dig into Scripture to share current and past learnings.

Interested in a session (or multiple)? Contact the church office at office@crossofglory.church to sign up. You will receive optional homework to complete prior to the session to enhance your study experience. These sessions are set up to be stand alone, in the event you are not able to attend all three. We realize spring is busy, but we would love for you to attend and study the Word with us!

The lessons will be as follows:

May 10/11 Run! The Passion of Elijah: Builds on what we studied in Elijah by focusing on discipling others with that same consuming passion and zeal. The early disciples went out into a Jewish world that hadn’t heard of the passion of Elijah just like the world in which we live today. We will explore ancient ruins of a Roman city, see how disciples translated Jesus’ call to discipleship into the language and images of Roman culture through knowledge of sports and arena games. We will explore the passion needed to “run” a spiritual race to win the prize in a way the culture in our world will understand.

May 17/18 The Presence of God: A Counter-Cultural Community: Explore ancient seaport of Priene and consider how the early Christian believers lived. We will study how they were able to stand against their culture and forego social, economic, and political advantages. We will focus on what the world lacked, a community who obeyed and loved God and loved each other. Through their discipleship, the Christian faith increased in large cities such as Ephesus, Pergamum, and Sardis. We will learn how to make an impact on the world and remain faithful to God in our current environment.

May 24/25 Living Stones: Jesus’ disciples knew the significance of living in God’s presence and God-fearing Jews in the Old Testament knew His presence was manifested in the temple. Pentecost changed that. We will study how the disciples were able to reach a culture that worshiped other gods and gathered in other temples. Temples were visual and cultural focal points and God’s plan would reveal His presence in His people today as living stones. We will explore God’s personal and dramatic plan for revealing his presence and meet our deepest needs.


Coming together to praise God and lift up the burdens of our hearts. Meets 10 - 11 am every Monday morning in the Prayer Room.

preschool playgroup

A casual Friday morning out for moms with enriched activities for kids. During the school year (9:30 am) we meet at Cross of Glory in the early childhood rooms and gym and participate in occasional field trips. In the summer (10 am) we meet at an area park for playtime and a picnic lunch.


Casual Thursday lunches at Wendy's in Hopkins. Meets 11:15 am weekly.


Do you like to knit or crochet? This group crafts comfort shawls for those who need comfort. You can work on your own or with the group, and attend as your schedule allows. We also enjoy receiving donations of extra yarn you may have. Meets the 1st & 3rd Thursdays each month at 7 pm. 


A very special group of widows get together bi-monthly for fun and fellowship. Contact the church office to learn how to get involved.

sister to sister mentoring

A faith-based support ministry designed for one woman to draw upon the experiences of another woman.  Learn more . . .