"They committed themselves to the apostles' teaching, life together, shared meals and to prayer."  Acts 2:42


Small groups are discipleship communities. Led by God's Word, we shepherd each other to grow and strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our desire that everyone has a small group community.

When Do Small Groups Meet? 

Small groups meet in homes or at church for study sessions, either weekly or every other week. Each group chooses its own meeting schedule and day of the week to meet.

Interested in Joining a Small Group?

Contact: Pastor Mark


2019-20 small group study


This year our small groups are studying the Gospel of Luke.
In addition to groups meeting in homes, there are three open small groups meeting at Cross of Glory. You may join at any time.

Women - Mondays at 10 am, led by Ruth O'Brien

Men & Women - Wednesdays at 7 pm, led by Pastor Mark & Heather Ostlie

Men - Thursdays at 7 pm, led by Pastor Kyle