Small groups are discipleship communities. Led by God's Word, we shepherd each other to grow and strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our desire that everyone has a small group community.

When Do Small Groups Meet? 

Small groups meet in homes or at church for study sessions, either weekly or every other week. Each group chooses its own meeting schedule and day of the week to meet. Due to COVID-19, some groups will meet in person (following safe practices), some will meet remotely via Zoom, and some will offer both options.

Interested in Joining a Small Group?

Sign up using the form below. A team member will reach out to you to connect you to a group that fits your availability and location.

the book of james

This year our small groups are studying the Book of James.

The book of James is a letter written by James as a pastor to early Christians to instruct and encourage them, in the face of their trials and persecution. James emphasizes living a life of faith that produces actions in keeping with God’s teachings. The practical examples James offers on how our actions need to reflect our faith are as relevant today as when he wrote them 2000 years ago.