Our Backgrounds
Ron’s parents went to Ethiopia as missionaries in 1956 where he was born and grew up. Though he traveled to the U.S. soon after high school, his love for Ethiopia and its people powerfully shaped his life, priorities, and perspective. Diane, grew up in Minnesota and became a believer in high school. We met in college and soon after graduation were led by God to Dallas Seminary. After seminary, we served together in pastoral ministry for over 22 years before being called into missions.

Our Calling

In 2013, God recalled Ron to Ethiopia, to serve him with ReachGlobal (the mission arm of The Evangelical Free Church of America, EFCA) in partnership with SIM – Ethiopia. God has now called both of us together, and we plan to move to Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, A Brief History

Ethiopia is situated in the highlands of east Africa and is an ancient land and culture. Christianity first came to Ethiopia in the 300s A.D. The church that formed became the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and has had great influence in the country and culture since. Evangelical missionaries began serving in Ethiopia beginning in the 1920s. The second world war forced missionaries to leave the country, but many returned in the 1950s and 60s. They were met with great resistance by leaders of the Orthodox Church. Even with the opposition a fledgling evangelical church was planted. In the 70s, the Marxists brought a revolution and took over the country through military rule. This small church became a target of persecution and the church went underground until the early 90's when the military government was overthrown and Ethiopians once again had religious freedom. The underground church emerged as a massive multi-denominational church and has continued to grow quickly above ground. The rapid expansion of the evangelical church in Ethiopia has created the need to disciple church leaders to enable them to become solid Biblically and mature with Christ-like character.

Our Priority in Ethiopia

Training and discipling underserved pastors and leadership couples to empower them to disciple others and reach the unreached in their communities. Ron is leading the Anchor Team where he is teaching, training and engaging in life-on-life discipleship in an interdenominational church-based ministry. 

God bless,  

Ron and Diane Gullman

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